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About BJL16

Beijing Metro Line 16 (BJL16) is a north-south backbone in Beijing metro networks. It is 49.8 km with 29 stations including 12 interchange staions. The stations are all underground stations. It has a depot at BeiAnHe in Haidian District and a stabling yard at YuShuZhuang in Fengtai District.

BJL16 starts from BeiAnHe in the north outside the 6th ring and ends at Wanping in the south. It runs through Haidian, Xicheng, and Fengtai districts, serving important functional areas such as Shanhou in Haidian, SanLiHe Administration Center, Fengtai railway station, LiZe CBD and Fengtai Hightech Zone.

BJL16 is the first line in Beijing using 8A-car trains, the rated capacity is 2480 passengers, which is much higher than trains used in other existing lines.

The north section of BJL16 (XiYuan station – BeiAnHe station) was open for trial operation on December 31, 2016. This section has 10 stations and interchanges with BJL4 at XiYuan station. With the official operation of NongDaNanLu station on December 30, 2017, all the 10 stations at this section were open.

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