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Line Profile

About BJL4

Beijing Metro Line 4 (BJL4) is the North-to-South traffic artery in Beijing metro networks. It is approximately 28.2 kilometers long with 24 stations, 23 stations are underground stations except AnHeQiao North station.    

This unique line goes through Fengtai, Xuanwu, Xicheng and Haidian districts. Along the line, there are dense residential areas, high-tech parks (ZhongGuanCun) and university campus (Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Renmin University) and bustle business areas (XinJieKou –XiDan-CaiShiKou), and famous scenery areas (Summer Palace, YuanMIngYuan, Beijing Zoo and TaoRanTing Park).

On September 28, 2009, BJL4 was open for trial operation. It was operated with ATO mode and 3-minute headway on day one which represented the highest operational level in mainland China.

Now, BJL4 is the line with the shortest minimum headway (1’43’’ at morning peak hours) in China.  

About DXL

Daxing Line (DXL) starts from GongYiXiQiao station in Fengtai District and ends at TianGongYuan station in Daxing District. It is 21.8 km with 11 stations including 1 ground station and 10 underground ones.

On December 30, 2010, DXL started trial operation. It realized through-train trial operation with BJL4 on day one, with the total operation route length of 50 km. 

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