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Service Connection

BJMTR Passenger Service Hotline 63988622

Office time of passenger service hotline is 8:00 am – 9:00 pm. Automatic voice service is available at other hours. Passengers could check information on BJMTR service or leave a voice message.
You can inquire train service information, make a suggestion, complain or praise the services via the hotline. Train service information covers station location of the lines, first and last train, surrounding of the stations and interchange information, bylaw of BJMTR, lost and found information, etc. We accept suggestion and complaint on services of our staff, station environment, equipment and facilities.

Official Weibo:

BJMTR opened a sina weibo account on May 2011. It is the first Weibo opened by enterprise in Beijing public transport sector. It now has several columns including News in the Sector, Stories in Metro, Civil behaviors in Metro, Live in Metro. It provides all kinds of information on train service and travel along the line, it also helps passengers to find their lost items.
In case of holiday and bad weather, it publishes traffic organization timely to assist passengers arrange their travel smartly. BJMTR Weibo listen to the comments and suggestions of the netizens and interact with them, answer their queries and endeavor to solve their problems  encountered in using our services, improve the quality of our service continuously. 

BJMTR official WeChat ID: BJMTR_WeChat

To facilitate exchange and interaction with netizens, BJMTR registered its official WeChat ID on May 1, 2015. Using the policy of information-pushing 4 times every month, BJMTR_WeChat set 12 blocks such as “BJMTR Diary”, “@Answer”, “Ms. Journey”, “Service Post” and “WeActivity” to provide netizens all kinds of information, let passengers to acquire metro services and metro knowledge in an easy way. Additionally,  service columns such as “Timetable”, “Inquiry on Route”, “Inquiry on Fare” and “Inquiry on OCT Card Balance” provide  convenient services to netizens. 

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