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Target concept


Based upon and extend from the construction and operation of railway transportation and other relevant businesses in Beijing,facilitate the construction and development of the communities with our caring services and become a world class railway transportation enterprise.


People Oriented  Quality Service  Practical Initiative  Pursue Excellence

People Oriented

Meeting the demands of customers is the starting point of all the activities
Provide safe, effective and humane working condition for its staff and partners
Trust, Respect, and Value every staff, acknowledge individual’s contribution, advocate team spirit
Be the home of all kinds of talents, create opportunities for the staff to grow

Quality Service

Honoring our commitments is the minimum standard of our service
Warmhearted, proactive, careful and standardized services
Properly handle all kinds of incidents
Promptly feedback customer and market information to improve our services continuously

Practical Initiative

Be practical and realistic
Down to the earth
Be good at exploring, have the courage to go beyond
Take the opportunities to develop

Pursue Excellence

Facilitate the development of the communities, create value for the society
Create return to the investors
Never stop development and growing
Develop in the challenges
Make great achievements in ordinary circumstances

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