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Enterprise Social Responsibility

Based upon and extend from the construction and operation of railway transportation and other relevant businesses in Beijing,facilitate the construction and development of the communities with our caring services and become a world class railway transportation enterprise.

Pay attention to social interests, including community, environment and health;
Enhance the relationship with stakeholders including but not limited to staff, partners, media, consumers, communities and government;
Implement enterprise social responsibility programs involving every staff and management team.

Establish a set of principles on enterprise social responsibility;
Encourage exchanges, highly respect external proposals, communicate with stakeholders continuously and share ideas on “Enterprise Social Responsibility” and sustainable development;
Set up higher standard for Enterprise Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development;
Through multiple channels, share and learn experiences with stakeholders;

BJMTR actively takes its social responsibilities in various areas:

Advocate Safe Journey
The prime issue of sustainable development in metro transportation is “Safe Operation”, BJMTR is responsible to put its utmost effort to achieve this. BJMTR tracks down the fault rate and feedback from passengers continuously to know clearly the shortcomings in the operation services so as to improve the quality and safety; BJMTR promotes safe journey programs actively.

Develop harmoniously with the communities
Supporting public welfare activities is an important part of enterprise social responsibility. BJMTR keeps close contact with communities along BJL4 and held a wide range of activities. Through these activities, residents along the line have better understanding to public transportation.

Grow together with the staff
BJMTR has the good tradition in the development of human resource. People oriented is one of its basic values. BJMTR has well-established training systems which enhance the talent of the staff and facilitate multi-skill and full growth of its people. The company takes its staff as the most valuable asset, its competitive compensation package and the effective and fair human resource development mechanism help to ensure the acquisition and maintain of high quality staff and provide the staff to develop and grow with the company.

Environment protection and energy saving
BJMTR pays attention to the possible environment problems raised in the operation of metro line and establish environment protection policies proactively. It has complete and proper regulations and procedures to minimize the negative impacts to the environment. The idea of environment protection is reflected in every links in the daily operation.


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