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Brief of BJMTR

profile of bjmtr

Beijing MTR Corporation (BJMTR) is the first foreign invested cooperation company in urban railway transportation sector in mainland China. BJMTR was established in January 16, 2006. It is jointly invested by Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co. Ltd (BIIC, 2%), Beijing Capital Group (BCG, 49%) and MTR Corporation (MTR, 49%) It is operating Beijing Metro Line 4, Daxing Line, Line 14 and Line 16.

In accordance with Concession Agreement of Beijing Metro Line 4 Project, Concession Agreement of Beijing Metro Line 14 Project and Concession Agreement of Beijing Metro Line 16 Project signed with Beijing Municipal Government, BJMTR participates in the investment, construction and operation of BJL4, BJL14 and BJL16 in PPP mode. The concession period is 30 years. 

In accordance with O&M Franchise Agreement on Beijing Metro Daxing Line (DXL), BJMTR thereby obtained DXL franchise for operate management and maintenance.

mission of bjmtr

-Provide safe, punctual and convenient transportation service to the passengers, create them a friendly and harmonious travel environment, facilitate the construction and development of the communities, enhance their quality of life and establish Beijing MTR as a well-accepted brand.

-Encourage employees to learn and be more creative, provide them opportunities to grow with the company.

-Actively develop the railway transportation construction and operation as well as other relevant businesses, maintain continuous and stable growing and bring excellent return to the investors.

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