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  • Beijing Infrastructure Investment Corporation Limited(BIIC)
    Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd is a state-owned company solely invested by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, focusing on the investment, financing and capital operation of infrastructure projects (metro lines mainly), manufacturing of metro transport equipment, information technology services and property business and services.
  • Beijing Capital Group Limited(BCG)
    Beijing Capital Group Ltd. is a large-scale state-owned enterprise (SOE) affiliated to the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing Municipal Government. Beijing Capital Group has four core businesses since its reorganization in 1995, which includes environment protection business, urban infrastructure, urban real estate, and financial services. It has an advantage over capital operation synergy, innovation and international cooperation.
  • MTR Corporation Limited(MTR)
    MTR connects and builds community with careful services, thrives to be a leading international enterprise. Since its establishment in 1975, MTR has been operating 10 metro lines, 1 light rail and 1 airport express line. With an average weekday patronage of about 5.6 million passengers, MTR is regarded as one of the world's leading railway operators for safety, reliability, excellent customer service and cost efficiency. Today, MTR Corporation is involved in a wide range of business activities in addition to its railway operations. These include the development of residential and commercial projects, property leasing and management, advertising, telecommunication services and international consultancy services in Hong Kong and Mainland China. From its starting base in Hong Kong, the Corporation has expanded into Mainland China, Britain, Sweden and Australia in railway construction, operation and management. MTR also provide railway consultancy and contract services to cities in Asia, Australia and Middle East.
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